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CourtWorks is a centralized case management system, that automates the functions of courts and other legal departments in the judicial system.
CourtWorks is a comprehensive and fully integrated legal case management solution for centralized and decentralized courts. CourtWorks allows cross courts communication and case transfers, integration with external entities such as the Civil Status and Passports Department and the Department of Lands and Survey, for the verification and cross exchange of data. 
Major functionalities covered in CourtWorks are the registration, indexing and follow-up of cases; the generation and follow up of notifications, management of Minutes of Hearing; hearings scheduling and security; and decisions’ management.
Smart client, centralized reporting, and service-oriented architecture, are the architectural specifications that make the system scalable and maintainable. 
CourtWorks is flexible and fully customizable solution solution that is an outcome of embodies years of cumulative experience in the design and implementation of automated justice sector solutions and services. 
It helps governments in improving their justice services by automating court processes, monitoring case activities, and supporting decision making to keep up with the rapid growth and change in the justice sector and to increase transparency.

* Cases registration,  cases follow-up,  cases appeals and renewals. Case Profile screen and case history reports. * Unified Case Register of Actions (a history for all actions done per case)
* Electronic Case Data Transfer (Prosecutor – court, 1st level court – appeal court, Courts – execution departments) * Centralized transaction log 
* Hearings scheduling and hearing minutes log (auto filled hearing templates that needs minimal data entry from typists) * Notifications generation using predefined templates.
* Motions  registration, motions follow-up, motions appeals and renewals. * Notifications automatic transfer to the Notifications Management
* Printable calendars that lists the scheduled events for a given day, week, or month, just as case calendar, judge calendar, and court calendar * System administration and configuration screens.
* Strong search engine that allows the user to search by a wide set of case criteria, all search screens results are printable. * System reports including operational and KPI reports.
* Automatic case distribution (automatic judge assignment based on judge load algorithm or sequential distribution).  
* Unified participant structure and integration with Passports Department database  

CourtWorks Main Modules:

The System's main components are:

  •  Courts Management System
  • Prosecutor Management System
  • Case File Tracking System
  • Notification Management System (NMS)
  • Notary Public System

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